The way we live, work, and relate to each other is constantly in flux. This change can be attributed to many factors including advancements in technology, the economy, the competitive marketplace, among many others.

Therefore, we can understand that the way we engage each other in business is also evolving.

Within the current economic climate, professionals are seeking to create new business opportunities in order to thrive and overcome challenges ahead.

A key factor to these opportunities is creating value together, one online/offline conversation at a time:

1. Is Networking really about you or is it actually about others you are engaging with?

2. People do business and hire people they trust and connect with on a human level.

3. In this age of information overload, we are compelled to seek out and develop win-win partnerships.

In this short course, cultivate the Value Centred Networking mindset, develop soft & hard skills for having meaningful connections for business development, using a Self-Worth approach.

What makes this course different?

The key distinction of this course on Networking is Self-Worth; a revolutionary approach in the context of business today: if everyone is focused on selling themselves, who is left listening, asking the right questions, to understand the needs?

Do you know what's needed and useful?

What are your client's biggest challenges?

Much different than self esteem, Self-Worth is an unconditional loyalty and friendship with yourself, regardless of your success, recognition or setbacks. Networking from a place of Self- Worth places value at the center. It creates a self awareness that informs your decision making and interactions.

A word from your teachers:

Hi, I’m John Niland

Throughout 18 years of business coaching, I’ve often observed how a person’s relationship with themselves drives their behaviour towards clients, colleagues and peers. For example, when someone goes for an interview (or a first meeting), what is their intention? Are they trying to impress, or are they trying to explore? Are they interested in making a good impression, or in how they might bring value to the role? Like the proverbial iceberg, Self-Worth is the 80% below the waterline, driving a multitude of behaviours above the waterline.

Hey there! It's Nicole

My greatest take away in networking for business development and which is working for me is: being of value to others. This is the most important thing, and the place from where you will create opportunities.

Having experiences in several settings (corporate- university- start up business), one thing remains: HOW you are valuable to others.

Nicole is a UCLA Public Health and Communications professional and a published author in the peer reviewed journal, Health Promotion Practice.

As a result of doing this course, you will:

Learn hard and soft skills to engage into meaningful conversations. You will create opportunities for exploration, any time, anywhere (virtual/offline) - very context relevant.

Adopt a value centred networking mindset, that supports your clients.

Practice networking with a strong sense of Self-Worth, and therefore focus on others´ needs.

Understand the A-Z process for preparing, attending and following up after networking opportunities.

Grow your networks, business and friendships.

Self-Worth changes the game

It is reflected in your daily and moment to moment decision making, interactions and execution. Enroll now and adopt a value centred networking mindset that will add value to your networks!

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