In this course, we take a structured walk through your existing business, with a view to adapting it to thrive in the economy of the future. We look at the 5 "C"s of...

  • Clients
  • Costs
  • Cash
  • Connection & Communication
  • Creativity

What happens to those businesses that fail to adapt? In the words of one CEO, "those who are not part of the steamroller risk becoming part of the road".

To support many enterprises in challenging times, we have partnered with Wemotion ( with the aim of purposefully keeping the price as accessible as possible. Together, we have devised the following curriculum.

Hi, I’m John Niland

I've been coaching business owners and freelance professionals since 2000. In good times and in bad, the approach is to consistently raise the value of your services, so that you are more compelling, earn higher revenue and make maximum use of your time. An approach based on a single word: self-worth.

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Paid Course

The Self-Worth Safari

The Self-Worth Safari

This publication guides you through the seven shifts of Self-Worth as they apply in the 6 terrains of life. This is a detailed and complete Self-Worth guide for anyone interested in doing the work. Obtain wisdom and practical tools for application today. Hard copies and Kindle versions are available on Amazon.

Business Development & Leadership Coaching

Are you in a life or employment transition? A business owner looking to expand and take your venture to the next level? Perhaps you are a leader looking to develop yourself and strengthen your team? Book a call with John to explore opportunities for growth. Contact: [email protected]

Free Webinars

Challenge yourself to look at life with a fresh perspective: by valuing who you are.

Either if you are an independent, if you work in a company or if you are just looking to explore your personal development, we offer a wide range of webinar topics to deepen the roots of Self-Worth.