Is this course for you?

Are you an Independent Professional, Freelancer, Coach, Manager, Or even CEO?

If you are then right now you are probably feeling the pinch as costs rise and revenue dries up.

This course provides practical wisdom for weathering the storm. It is packed full of solid business advice, based on John Niland's experience coaching clients through numerous crises over the past 20 years.

There is also scope here to take look at what is going on within. It is natural to feel responsible for the people on your payroll. It is also very human to worry about your ability to manage the situation and stay afloat. This is why it is fundamentally important to look after yourself, now more than ever.

If right now you are feeling the need to care for your business and feel better about things then this course is for you.

What is important right now?

In this course, we take a structured walk through your existing business, with a view to adapting it to thrive in the economy of the future. We will take a detailed look at the 5 Cs:

  • Clients
  • Costs
  • Cash
  • Connection & Communication
  • Creativity

Paying close attention to the 5 "Cs" will keep you ship shape in these stormy financial seas. If you streamline and restructure where necessary then you'll be able to not only survive, but thrive in these times of crisis.

What will you learn?

This course offers useful insights into the psychology of your clients right now and how they are likely to react. Armed with this knowledge you'll be able to empathise with them, deliver to their needs and communicate effectively to build stronger bonds for the future.

Although rarely addressed in the business world here we will take a deeper look into the concept of self-worth. As you are probably aware John Niland is author of the "The Self-Worth Safari" and founder of the Self-Worth Academy. He has often observed how a person’s relationship with themselves drives their behaviour towards clients, colleagues and peers. Like the proverbial iceberg, self-worth is the 80% below the waterline, driving a multitude of behaviours above the waterline. 

This course will guide you as you implement:

  • Clear and concise communications, to get your message across in a way that others will be talking about you
  • Value-centered sales, build on the firm foundations of self-worth
  • A keep-in-touch-system, so that you are present in the minds of potential customers when they are ready to buy
  • A strong professional identity, to stand out from the crowd
  • Your unique approach, the fingerprints you leave on everything you do, that will ensure you are remembered

John niland professional identity coach

Hi, I’m John Niland

I've been coaching business owners and freelance professionals since 2000. In good times and in bad, the approach is to consistently raise the value of your services, so that you are more compelling, earn higher revenue and make maximum use of your time. An approach based on a single word: self-worth.

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