As an independent professional, your time dictates your revenue. This concise course has been designed with you in mind, to empower you to manage your time and strengthen your skills, using a fresh approach for the economy we live in. Craft your personalized time management game-plan with Self-Worth Academy and immediately strengthen your capacity to act and grow your business.


How will this course help me?

This course will reframe time management through a different lens of Self-Worth which will empower you with new tools and understanding to take control into your hands.

Reduce and manage feelings of stress and anxiety from your never ending to do lists and improve scattered focus. Monitor and take care of your 6 energy sources through incorporating wellbeing into your day.

With better energy and sharper focus, you would get through the client work and also have the fuel for your own business-development. Over the years, we have seen independent professionals improve income by 30-50%, just by mastering the key asset in their business: their time.

So, what are you waiting for?

Set your standards, own your time and your health.

Navigate through your projects with clarity, direction, energy and wellbeing for sustainable change and business growth.

What makes this course different?

The key distinction of this course on time management is Self-Worth; a revolutionary approach much different than self esteem, Self-Worth is an unconditional loyalty and friendship with yourself regardless of your accomplishments or setbacks. This distinction makes this unlike any other course out there, within the context of 21st century challenges. Energy and Focus rooted in Self-Worth holds the key for effective and productive time management for 2020 and beyond.

As a result of doing this course, you will:

Understand some of the “black holes” into which time disappears

Learn about six energy sources, that boost your capacity to act

Adopt a regime of planning to sharpen your daily focus

Practice a moment-to-moment focus in each 15mins of the day

Concentrate on one thing at a time and stop “doing everything all of the time”

Zone your diary to make time for business-development

Grow your revenue

Self-Worth changes the game

It is reflected in your daily and moment to moment decision making, planning, and execution. For you as an entrepreneur, this translates into tangible daily effectiveness.

Curriculum Overview

  Module 1: Introducing Time Management for the 21st century
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 2: Anchoring Focus and Energy in Self-Worth
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 3: Spotlight on Energy
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 4: Spotlight on Focus
Available in days
days after you enroll

Last, but certainly not least. Meet your amazing teachers!

The Self-Worth Academy is composed of a growing global network of professionals. They are experts in their fields, here to deliver applicable, real and relevant knowledge to you. And yes, it is pretty amazing how knowledge and information really has no more geographical borders. Learn with us, learn from the best, right here.

John Niland

Time management is a stressful issue for students, professionals, managers and even parents. This course is set within the context of 21st century challenges - distractions, information overload and increasing demands. Over this course, John educates and empowers individuals through understanding their Self-Worth and how this is key to supporting and strengthening self leadership and productivity.

John is a professional speaker, Author of The Self-Worth Safari, & Business Coach with more than +20 years of experience.

Nicole Vayssier, MPH

Nicole advocates for a holistic approach to the development of individuals and their communities.

¨It is important to innovate with information and education alongside our changing environments - political, social as well as technological and how these impact the way we live, work & play.

Enhancing our capacity to endeavor requires considerations for our physical, environmental, mental, social and emotional wellbeing¨

Nicole is a published author, Health and Wellness Professional and Coach.

What has been helpful to others in the course?

Isabel tells us:

¨This course has been eye opening in allowing me to become aware of my good and bad habits in order to make positive changes for self efficacy¨

Maria shares:

¨Focus has been one of the best learnings and understanding that focus is 99% exclusion of all the distraction. Also remembering to take care of my health needs throughout the day and placing healthy boundaries for energy. Thank you John!¨

Are you ready to make changes today?

Start today with a clear vision of what is ahead, create the right environment for your focus needs and power sustainably through the day. Own your time, as an expression and understanding of your Self-Worth while taking care of yourself.

Let´s begin!

Course Details

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Book on Self Worth

The Self-Worth Safari

This publication guides you through the seven shifts of Self-Worth as they apply in the 6 terrains of life. This is a detailed and complete Self-Worth guide for anyone interested in doing the work. Obtain wisdom and practical tools for application today. Hard copies and Kindle versions are available on Amazon.

Associates Training Course Portugal May 2020
Associates Training Course, Portugal May 2020

Join us for our annual Associate Training Course in the south of Portugal, May 16-23,2020. Over one week, explore Self-Worth and develop a unique Self-Worth approach for your coaching business. Learn new skills alongside the founder, and an international community of coaches, experts, and Self-Worth Associates. Contact [email protected]

Business Development & Leadership Coaching
Business Development & Leadership Coaching

Are you in a life or employment transition? A business owner looking to expand and take your venture to the next level? Perhaps you are a leader looking to develop yourself and strengthen your team? Book a call with John to explore opportunities for growth. Contact [email protected]