A fresh approach to effective self leadership


Time Management for the 21st Century

Why is time management so important?

In an age of distractions, information overload, where everything is ¨urgent¨, the challenges we face become more complex.

  • We have ¨less time¨
  • ¨More¨ responsibilities fall on our plate
  • Expectations of our colleagues, clients, and partners are changing
  • Multi- tasking of simultaneous projects
  • Increasing demands on our attention and focus

Quantify the Potential Gain

There are many ways in which we easily and consistently lose our focus and energy on a daily basis. Our first exercise invites you to quantify where valuable time might be leaking away:

Where did the time go.pdf

So, what is needed?

Time Management is not a new problem. It is one we are familiar with, yet a fresh understanding of the situation and a new approach is needed alongside our changing environment, needs and demands.

Over this short course of 3 modules, you will develop key practical skills based on 2 dimensions rooted in Self-Worth:

  1. Energy as a resource for healthy and balanced self management. Discover and explore your 6 energy sources: physical, environmental, mental, emotional, social and purposeful, and how these impact your ability to engage 100% and make decisions.
  2. Focus as a resource for concentration, direction, planning and achieving goals for forward moving progress. Whether you are working alone, with others or managing a team of individuals, focus is crucial for having a clear view of the goalposts ahead and the roadmap for reaching your milestones.