Review the course objectives

Course Objectives

  1. Strengthen your capacity to act in your professional and personal projects.
  2. See time as a crucial asset in your business.
  3. Empowerment through taking control of your time by crafting your personalized time management game plan.
  4. Introduce the two dimensions of time management: Energy and Focus, rooted in an understanding of Self-Worth.
  5. Distinguish between Self-Worth and Self-esteem and how Self-Worth catalyses productivity and decision making for a freelancer.
  6. Develop practical skills with accompanying materials and exercises that will make a difference today.

How will this course help?

This course will provide you with new understanding of time-management for an independent - for whom self-management is crucial to be effective across personal and professional projects. Specifically, you will learn the foundation that is needed for healthy and effective time management, based on an energy and focus approach, rooted in Self-Worth.

A key distinction to this course

The key distinction to this course on time management is Self-Worth which makes this unlike any other course out there. Energy and Focus rooted in Self-Worth holds the key for effective and productive time management in the 21st century context.

And more support to help you make changes today!

We have prepared resources to assist you in your day to day planning, priorities, as well as checking in with your energy sources throughout the day. Thus, you will be able to make adjustments to your day for what needs to be adapted, thereby crafting your own personalized time management game plan. Apply these practical skills and more from this concise course, today.

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